Actionable strategies to
improve your User Experience

User Experience

In an organization focused on achieving goals there can be a tendency to jump straight to a solution, without properly understanding why - or if - it is appropriate.

User Centered Design is not a solution – it is a path designed to lead a company to long-term and sustainable answers that meet its needs and the needs of its customers. But the journey will only get to the right destination with the ongoing participation of senior management teams, open and active communications and a shared set of goals across the organization.

The result is a prioritised list of things that need to be addressed - an actionable, objective plan for improvement rather than a list of subjective opinions.

The framework tests 11 distinct heuristics:

  • Reliability & Responsiveness
  • Functionality
  • Content
  • User Control
  • Efficiency
  • Look & feel
  • Feedback
  • Navigation
  • Affordance & Consistency
  • Error Prevention & Recovery
  • Instructions & Help

Useful, Useable, Engaging

We believe that the experiences we develop for clients should help users achieve their goals in an effective and efficient way, appropriate to their context of use. We also believe in creating experiences where the design, language and interaction flow harmonise to create a positive emotional impact.

To ensure we are constantly delivering against our goals, our experts use a heuristic testing framework designed to tease out and fix usability issues as they arise.

An iterative, agile approach

Connected Digital uses an iterative process model based on the effective collection of requirements leading to a design and prototyping phase, pilot studies and eventual deployment.

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