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BoardPacks iPhone App

“Connected Digital have been more than just a software development house to us. As well as being great at delivering the goods, they care deeply about ensuring the product is as good as it can be from a usability perspective. Their input into design of our products has made them leading edge and has given us a competitive advantage. They have been instrumental in changing our business model.”

Alister Esam, CEO eShare

The Project

To develop the BoardPacks apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

How we were Involved

We were asked to help eShare transform their existing web-based board meeting and document management system into a system where board members can access documents electronically on tablet devices.

The Challenges

Much of the content viewed in the app is confidential - so it was essential to create a security model to protect that content while making it available whether or not the device is online.

Board members frequently travel between meetings that may take place in areas where network connectivity is patchy or unavailable. However, board members expect the content to be available on their device when they want to access it without needing to decide to explicitly download it.

Many users of BoardPacks are of a generation that may not have much experience with tablet devices.

BoardPacks is mostly used on a Bring-Your-Own-Device model. So we needed to support all the major tablet platforms - iOS, Android and Windows.

Users also needed to be able to annotate their documents and access those annotations on any device.

What we did

We are wholly responsible for the development of the BoardPacks apps. The apps enable access to the content held on the BoardPacks server which is developed by eShare’s internal development team.

We created a unique user interface that mimics as closely as possible the experience of browsing a physical meeting agenda and associated documents. We refined the user interface over successive releases based on user feedback.

We created caching technology which dynamically detects and downloads content as it is made available to the board member and downloads the content so that it is instantly available to read when required.

We created a security model that protects the content stored and viewed on the device.

We built versions of the app for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

We created our own document annotation tools which allow the sharing of annotations across different devices on different platforms.


How we made a Difference

The development of the BoardPacks app has enabled the eShare business to sell its meeting management software into new business area.

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