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The Project was a team collaboration system which allowed users to send instant messages, share files and make audio and video calls. Where differed from other platforms was that calls were recorded. The recorded calls were automatically transcribed and the transcription results were inserted into the timeline of the chat room or Yack from which the call was made.

How we were Involved

We originated the idea for a team collaboration and messaging system incorporating recorded calls. We created the name, brand identity and marketing materials. We created UX wireframes and an number of technical prototypes, eventually building a complete product which we launched onto the market.

The Challenge

The challenge was to design and build a useful team collaboration product that meets the requirements of Connected Digital and other similar businesses.

What we did

We started by analysing other team collaboration software products in order to assess their working models against the way we work. We then held a workshop to discover features that we wanted to build in our own product. These ideas formed the business requirements which we would go on to fulfill.

We then took a three pronged approach:

  1. Develop a user experience by building wireframes which enable the requirements and then developing a corresponding design language.
  2. We build the public facing website very early in the project lifecycle in order to ensure that the project features that we built could form a cohesive product clear messaging.
  3. We were simultaneously building a functional prototype of the product which we used as our internal collaboration as soon as it was running.

Overall, it took around 18 months from the project inception and countless iterations of the UX, website and prototype site before the site was ready for launch.

The end result is a unique collaboration platform which allows users to capture the entire conversations that take place on the platform, whether they are verbal or written.

How we made a Difference

From its inception, the project was conceived and executed by the Connected Digital team.

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